About Us

A Word from our Director

The idea of creating a festival dedicated to Slavic culture came to us after a concert where we played Tchaikovsky and Dvořák. The audience did not know the works presented, but there was so much enthusiasm and excitement listening to this music! People asked us countless questions about the traditions and customs of Eastern European countries… It is to answer these questions, and to introduce the general Quebec and Canadian public to the infinite richness of this culture, that we decided to bring a small part of our countries here, to Montreal.
Come join us, meet our artists, our team and, above all, explore the riches of Slavic culture with us!

Irina Krasnyanskaya
General and artistic director

Our Team

Irina Krasnyanskaya

Founder, general and artistic director,
artistic director of Pro Musica, pianist

Jean-Fabien Scheider

Founder, administrator, pianist,
director of the Quebec Conservatory

Carolyn Hebert

President of the administrative council,
Marketing Strategist Consultant

Sophie Tamafo-Goupil

Director of communication, founder of Accentis, marketing and social media agent

Émilie Labonté

Secretary, administrator, senior consultant, advisory services, management chez KPMG

Natalie Sartisson


Stéphanie Heendrickxen

Graphic designer and illustrator

Mickael Legault

Zéro un Zéro

Anik Vigneault

Social media coordinator

Timothy Varney

Volunteer manager, pianist, composition student at McGill University, marathoner